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- Identification of Potassium-Dependent and -Independent Components: DISCUSSION(6)

In summary, the results presented underscore the importance of intracellular potassium homeostasis in suppressing activity of effector molecules required for the execution phase of apoptosis (i.e., caspases and nucleases) and suggest that loss of potassium from oocytes and granulosa cells may be involved in generating the cascade of events leading to their demise.

Moreover, these data, taken with numerous studies published to date regarding the molecular biology of apoptosis in the ovary, further support the hypothesis that a conserved program of events responsible for the regulation and execution of ap-optosis in diverse species and cell types functions to coordinate normal and pathologic cell death in the female gonad. However, the differences noted regarding the impact of potassium on various intracellular events associated with apoptosis in thymocytes and unpublished results) versus ovarian cells (present study) indicate that although potassium efflux may be a conserved feature of apoptosis, cell lineage specificity will determine the final cascade of events set in motion by a net loss of intracellular potassium.

October 26, 2013 Cells
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