Flovent Inhaler

- Flovent is a steroid that prevents inflammation and swelling in the airways.

Flovent is a steroid that prevents inflammation and swelling in the airways.Flovent inhalers must not be used for an attack of asthma in progress, as this is not a rescue medicine. When you buy Flovent over the internet, you should be aware of this important aspect and also make sure you have a rescue type of medicine for your condition. It’s important to follow the directions closely when using your Flovent inhaler, as otherwise the medicine inside it may not be as efficient as expected. Quite rarely, side effects are possible when using the inhaler. You may experience hoarseness, dry throat, coughing or stuffy nose. You may also get flu-like symptoms in some cases. Any of those symptoms are not expected to last too long or worsen, but if they do, it’s best to consult a doctor. You should have regular medical tests and examinations performed to make sure your progress is properly monitored. There is a chance your treatment may require adjustments to better fit your needs. Make sure you use your inhaler as directed and notify your doctor if you need more puffs than recommended or have to use it more frequently. When used properly, Flovent inhaler is expected to significantly decrease the number of asthma attacks and reduce their severity. You should tell your doctor if it’s not working for you in the way you expected.