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- Regulation of Prohibitin Expression During Follicular Development: DISCUSSION(7)


Sequestration of prohibitin in the nuclear compartment of aberrant embryos is compatible with the proposed role of prohibitin in transcriptional control.

At this stage, data to ascribe an antiproliferative or cell survival role to prohibitin in the ovaries are inconclusive. However, these results suggest a potential multifunctional role for prohibitin in the regulation of follicle cell growth and differentiation during follicular maturation and atresia. The changes in prohibitin expression and localization may be reflective of its antiproliferative activities, although the functional implications of these observations are currently unknown.

The specific role of this protein may be dependent on the cell type examined, its phosphorylation status, and its cellular concentration. In addition, prohibitin may also be involved in modulating the growth of granulosa and theca-interstitial cells, development of their steroidogenic potential, and possibly, participation in antiapo-ptotic mechanisms governing both follicular and embryo development. Thus, this protein may play an important role in determining the developmental fate of these cells.

February 3, 2014 Ovary
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